Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday Monday

The Two Huskies I won!

Well what a day I've had! This morning still bleary eyed, I sifted through my emails and to my astonishment, I found a message saying that I had won two soft toy huskies from the lovely people at Activities Abroad on their Facebook giveaway! Activities Abroad is the UK's leading independent activity holiday provider. My poor alarmed husband must have wondered what on earth was going on as I was frantically hammered on the bathroom door to tell him the exciting news! 

I spent the day painting wedding gifts for some of my lovely customers including another Strawberry Cake Stand (Pictured Below) It is going to be on the head table covered in chocolates! What fun!

Today's Favourite Etsy Find!

I have been collecting little bits and pieces in a shoe box for nearly 10 years now in the hope of one day building and filling my very own dolls house. 
I want the house to be 1930s and the setting to be just at the beginning of the war.

Dollhouse Accessories- Shabby Chic Mint Green Bread Box

Today's favorite Folksy Find

Kate (lilipopo) is a home educating mum who loves to draw and sew, especially as it this means she can work from home. From her shop I have a little bag which I keep my DS in another bag for my Video camera. A keying for my shed key and a little purse which I keep embroidery threads in. I just adore her quirky designs and I'm sure you will too!

Large image

Well off to do a spot of knitting now! No peace for the wicked! 
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  1. Great finds! Thanks for featuring my miniature bread box!

    Pei Li


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